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“Witty, melodic folk-pop tunes with meat on their bones.”
– The New York Times

“Lance’s song ‘American’ is a hard-bitten declamation of one American's beliefs and admissions performed with white-hot-bitter fervor"

– The Huffington Post


“Critics Pick. The rising composer has traveled the world as one of the best hip-nightclub music directors in the biz is now showcase his burgeoning catalog with vocal help from an international array of stars. Get your tickets and then go listen to them blow their Horne in celebration.”

– Time Out New York



“This disc is a decidedly impressive listen. Among the most notable tunes are the hilarious "Haircut," which Ricki Lake delivers with panache; the bitingly satiric "American," which Alan Cumming mines for every bit of its explosive and sad anger; and "Strange Bird," a ballad that echoes Elton John, sung with gentle, affecting earnestness by Cheyenne Jackson.”




“Lance Horne’s sensational new album ‘First Things Last’ features the strikingly sensitive and alluring track from Broadway and ‘Glee’ star Cheyenne Jackson titled ‘Strange Bird.’”






Lance & the Ladies

A birthday party
Monday Oct 20th 7pm

Birdland NYC

With nine phenomenal Ladies
taking the stage:

Alexandra Silber
Daphne Rubin-Vega
Julie Garnye
Gabrielle Stravelli
Kate Rigg
Stephanie D'Abruzzo

Lauren Flanagan
and Lesley Gore! 


If you know me, you know I adore writing for and surrounding myself with amazing women.  For my birthday, I'm starting a new series celebrating our connections and their brilliance.  You are cordially invited to a night of all my original songs at Birdland, with me on the keys and sharing laughs and music with some of the best Ladies in my life.

All I would like for my birthday this year is your attendance.  
I really hope you can join us-- as usual, there will be world premieres, excerpts from my upcoming Neil Gaiman opera collaboration, and
plenty of surprises!

It IS my party, but I won't be crying unless they're tears of joy.  I really can't believe I'll get to perform with all these brilliant women. 
Can you join us?  

Please click here to reserve a table in advance.  Bring your friends!  Thanks to Jim Caruso and Broadway at Birdland!


For those in the Bay Area, Meow Meow and I are here through October 19th, in An Audience With Meow Meow at Berkeley Rep, under the brilliant direction of Emma Rice. See what happens when she finally gets her dancing boys!



Robin de Jesus and Lena Hall are about to blow the lid off of Prince's Purple Rain this Monday in NYC thanks to Jacob Langfelder. Rumor has it that I might make a cross-country cameo.
this way in



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Happy Birthday, @alancumming ! Sure beats cake :) "Hoops, I did it again"?

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@matthewcarey yes, about to announce, first week March. @SamSweedman holds the keys :)

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February 21, 1962. Louis "Satchmo" Armstrong and Marlene Dietrich performing on stage at the Riviera.…

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March 22, 1971. The ladies of Barry Ashton's Wonderful World of Burlesque at the Silver Slipper Casino…

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.@puissant@TFLN : At one point she whispered in my ear "I overdrew my bank account today" but besides that it was an awesome lap dance”

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Special michaelzavros art cameo at #ClubCumming tonight. Such stunning work, so honestly delivered.…

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