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“Witty, melodic folk-pop tunes with meat on their bones.”
– The New York Times

“Lance’s song ‘American’ is a hard-bitten declamation of one American's beliefs and admissions performed with white-hot-bitter fervor"

– The Huffington Post


“Critics Pick. The rising composer has traveled the world as one of the best hip-nightclub music directors in the biz is now showcase his burgeoning catalog with vocal help from an international array of stars. Get your tickets and then go listen to them blow their Horne in celebration.”

– Time Out New York



“This disc is a decidedly impressive listen. Among the most notable tunes are the hilarious "Haircut," which Ricki Lake delivers with panache; the bitingly satiric "American," which Alan Cumming mines for every bit of its explosive and sad anger; and "Strange Bird," a ballad that echoes Elton John, sung with gentle, affecting earnestness by Cheyenne Jackson.”




“Lance Horne’s sensational new album ‘First Things Last’ features the strikingly sensitive and alluring track from Broadway and ‘Glee’ star Cheyenne Jackson titled ‘Strange Bird.’”








First off, thanks to all who came out to the events at Birdland and Rockwell.  Along those lines, here's a video of Lea DeLaria and me from the Birdland concert especially for you subscribers to see first!
Video directed by Ned Stresen-Reuter 

I'm writing you from the middle of a UK Tour, leading the band with the von Trapp family for their album release. Come hear!
Nottingham Glee Club tix
5/9 Birmingham Town Hall tix
5/10 London Barbican tix
5/11 Manchester RNCM tix    

Back to NEW YORK:
5/12 Witness the rebirth of
I'm producing their live events for the evening and performing, and Steinway has come on board to sponsor the pianos!  My four-hands partner in crime, the legendary Billy Stritch will lead the band outside, I'll lead the band inside, and we'll celebrate all night.  
Expect star-studded sightings of Liza, Fran Drescher, and "the return of classic New York."
 Here's the article on Page Six!

5/12 But first, I'm leading a band for an all-Blondie set at the Performance Space 122

Spring Gala 2014

at the Diamond Horseshoe

in the Paramount Hotel


Co-Chairs Justin Vivian Bond
and Michael Stipe invite you to

celebrate freedom of expression
by honoring

Holly Hughes, John Fleck, Tim Miller

with Shining Star Awarded to

Clara Miller

Appearances and performances by
Monica Bill Barnes & Co featuring Ira Glass, Ben Cameron, Nath Ann Carrera, Lena Hall, Neil Patrick Harris, Lance Horne, Khorikos, Amber Martin, Okwul Okpokwasili,
Andrew Ondrejcak, Duncan Sheik with Jason Hart, Elizabeth Streb, Olaf Triebel/Les 7 doigts de la main,
Council Member Jimmy Can Bramer, Windmill Factory with Leah Siegel and Shara Worden

and the unassuming Jewel in the Crown:

    The length of the title is in direct proportion to the amount of brilliance in store.  The legendary Daphne Rubin-Vega and I will join forces at the opening, Alexandra Silber and I are going to do our best Noel Coward-Gertrude Lawrence banter and rock out some of my Neil Gaiman opera in development as well as some Animaniacs, there's a knife juggler, two-time Tony-nominee Robin de Jesus is going to raise the dead with his pipes, including a reprise from the 24 Hour Musical we just did together.  Juilliard jazz maverick Samora Pinderhughes and his mates will storm the stage and blow your minds with their set.  Thomas March will deliver world premieres of his poetry, and Justin Sayre (The Meeting*) and Valerie Geffner (Antenna) are sure to make you think about life differently then when you came in.  Party starts at 8pm throughout the legendary Players Club, entertainment beings at 9pm.  And there are STILL surprises in store.  One night only-- don't kick yourself later!

Get your
tix here and come partake in this historical club and its join the lineage of artistic cross-pollination!

Meow Meow & I are honored to return to our friends at the Pina Bausch Company and present an evening for them like no other.  Tickets

5/20-6/8 MEOW MEOW: FELINE INTIMATE at Wonderground, SouthBank Centre
London, we are back!  Come see Meow Meow and me in the flesh, some nights more than others.  "Drags cabaret kicking and screaming into the 21st century"  -Time Out NY


 Courtney Act: Boys Like Me
The divine Courtney Act continues her post-RuPaul's Drag Race triumph, back in the Big Apple for another run.  Arrangements by me, with a great band in the hands of Todd Almond!

Here's a link to the Pink Martini & The von Trapps CD which we just released this week!  
I'm playing on the track called "Friend", playing the inside and outside of the piano :)
Watch the behind-the-scenes making of the album video
here. (I'm on keys around 7:00)

READY? OK!   Watch it here
An irresistibly plucky ten year-old, Lurie Poston wants to be a boy cheerleader, against the odds and against the rules. Carrie Preston (True Blood) gives a tremendous performance as his mother, as does Michael Emerson (Lost) as their neighbor. Featuring a score by Lance Horne with musicians from Juilliard Precollege.
Watch the trailer here

Watch it 
A fifteen minute film adaptation of a poem by the iconic French writer Jacques Prevert. A reclusive painter creates his final masterpiece while a young boy observes and narrates. Directed by Seamus McNally with a score by Lance Horne.

Other titles for your Netflix cue:
One Night Stand (reality doco I'm in)
Florent: Queen of the Meat Market (I sing a song of mine in the closing scene)

If you're bored on YouTube, look up:
"Alan Cumming" "Ricki Lake" "Ecstacy" & you'll hear an ad/song we wrote-- highly entertaining
"OLTL" "Chemistry" and you can hear the song I wrote that won the Emmy
"Macy's" "Diana DeGarmo" "Pharaoh Strut" and hear a song I wrote for the Thanksgiving Parade
"Amanda Palmer" "Tchaikovsky" in which I play an unexpected role
Check out The Battery's Down for my song called "Takin' Off"
HERE at 1min30! 
And don't forget the link above to HURRY UP AND TAKE YOUR TIME with Lea DeLaria and me at Birdland!

Hope to see you in person in the coming weeks!


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